The Soundtrack Station

Music to your imagination

The Soundtrack Station creates customized music for any form of visual art:

  • computer games
  • websites
  • animation
  • film
  • documentary
  • theatre
  • dance
  • exhibition
  • ...

The Soundtrack Station takes care of composing, performing, recording, mixing, mastering and supplying music in the desired digital format. The music can be of any style or genre. You will find some samples in the sidebar, but of course the music to your visual art will be custom made.

1805 '15

New audio

Just added two tracks to the audio player: ‘Ground’ by myself and ‘Le même sac’, which I did together with local rap star Ant1. Check ‘em out in the audio player!

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0902 '14


This video gives a pretty good idea of what my music can add to your images. Play it to the end!

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1502 '12

Switch 2012 kickoff

Today, Switch is the biggest Apple-reseller in Belgium, with 10 shops in Flanders and 4 technical services. For the Keynote-presentation at their 2012 kickoff-event Switch used two tracks composed by The Soundtrack Station. Monique Brouwer, HR-manager, wrote: “The event was superb! Really, one of the best we had.” The music is meant for internal use by Switch and is therefore not featured on this website.

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